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CodeStack.SwEx.MacroFeature.Attributes Namespace

Attributes collection
Public classFeatureIconAttribute
Specifies the icon for macro feature to be displayed in the Feature Manager Tree
Public classOptionsAttribute
Provides additional options for macro feature
Public classParameterDimensionAttribute
Specifies that the current property is a dimension of the macro feature. The value if the property is the current value of the dimension. This property is bi-directional: it will update the value of the dimension when changed within the OnRebuild(ISldWorks, IModelDoc2, IFeature) as well as will contain the current value of the dimension when it got modified by the user in the graphics area
Public classParameterEditBodyAttribute
Specifies that the current property is an edit body of the macro feature. Edit bodies are used by macro feature if it is required to modify or replace any existing bodies. Edit bodies will be acquire by macro feature and replaced by the MacroFeatureRebuildBodyResult returned from OnRebuild(ISldWorks, IModelDoc2, IFeature). Multiple bodies are supported
Public classParameterSelectionAttribute
Specifies that the current property is a selection of the macro feature. Selections allows to provide the relations between existing objects and this macro feature. Not only macro feature can access those selections to update itself, but the OnRebuild(ISldWorks, IModelDoc2, IFeature) will be automatically triggered every time the geometry of related selections is changed enabling the parametric nature of the macro feature
Public classParametersVersionAttribute
Attributes specifies the current version of the macro feature parameters data model. This allows to implement backward compatibility for the macro feature parameters for future versions of macro feature