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IParameterConverterConvertDisplayDimensions Method

Converts display dimensions from previous version

Namespace:  CodeStack.SwEx.MacroFeature.Base
Assembly:  CodeStack.SwEx.MacroFeature (in CodeStack.SwEx.MacroFeature.dll) Version: (
IDisplayDimension[] ConvertDisplayDimensions(
	IModelDoc2 model,
	IFeature feat,
	IDisplayDimension[] dispDims


Type: IModelDoc2
Pointer to current model
Type: IFeature
Pointer to current feature
Type: IDisplayDimension
Array of display dimensions from the previous version

Return Value

Type: IDisplayDimension
Array of display dimensions in the new version of macro feature
If number of dimensions have changed in the new version - automatic upgrade is not possible as currently SOLIDWORKS API doesn't allow to change the existing display dimensions of macro feature. If this is the case return the DisplayDimensionPlaceholder as a placeholder of the updated dimension. In this case dimension will not be create but feature will be operational and Dimensions will be returned as the state of the feature parameters
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