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CodeStack.SwEx.PMPage.Attributes Namespace

Attributes collection for SwEx.PMPage framework
Public classBitmapOptionsAttribute
Additional options for bitmap control
Public classComboBoxOptionsAttribute
Provides additional options for the drop-down list box
Public classControlAttributionAttribute
Provides additional attribution options (i.e. icons, labels, tooltips etc.) for all controls
Public classControlOptionsAttribute
Generic options for all controls
Public classControlTagAttribute
Adds the tag associated with control created for the specified model property
Public classDependentOnAttribute
Allows to enable dependency of the control from another controls
Public classHelpAttribute
Provides the additional help links for the page
Public classIgnoreBindingAttribute
Indicates that current property should be ignored for binding and control should not be created
Public classMessageAttribute
Attributes allows to specify the message to be displayed in the property manager page
Public classNumberBoxOptionsAttribute
Provides additional options for number box control
Public classOptionBoxAttribute
Attribute indicates that current property should be rendered as option box
Public classOptionBoxOptionsAttribute
Additional options for option box control
Public classPageOptionsAttribute
Property manager page options
Public classSelectionBoxAttribute
Sets the current control to be a selection box
Public classSelectionBoxOptionsAttribute
Additional options for selection box control
Public classTabAttribute
Attribute indicates that current property or class should be rendered as tab box
Public classTextBoxOptionsAttribute
Additional options for text box control