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MacroFeatureExOnEditDefinition Method

Called when the Edit feature menu is clicked from the feature manager tree

Namespace:  CodeStack.SwEx.MacroFeature
Assembly:  CodeStack.SwEx.MacroFeature (in CodeStack.SwEx.MacroFeature.dll) Version: (
protected virtual bool OnEditDefinition(
	ISldWorks app,
	IModelDoc2 model,
	IFeature feature


Type: ISldWorks
Pointer to the application
Type: IModelDoc2
Pointer to the current model where the feature resided
Type: IFeature
Pointer to the feature being edited

Return Value

Type: Boolean
Result of the editing
Use this handler to display property manager page or any other user interface to edit feature. Refer the SwEx.PMPage Framework for advanced way of creating property pages. Usually feature needs to be rolled back in the feature tree when edited. Use IMacroFeatureData::AccessSelections to start editing of the feature. Call IFeature::ModifyDefinition to submit the changes or IMacroFeatureData::ReleaseSelectionAccess to cancel the editing. It is important to use the same pointer to IMacroFeatureData in all of the above methods. Use IFeature::GetDefinition to get the pointer and store it in a variable.
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