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ISwAddInEx Interface

Base interface for enabling the Framework for SOLIDWORKS add-ins

Namespace:  CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn.Base
Assembly:  CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn (in CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn.dll) Version: (
public interface ISwAddInEx : IModule

The ISwAddInEx type exposes the following members.

Public propertyLogger
Logger for this module
(Inherited from IModule.)
Public methodAddCommandGroupTCmdEnum
Add command group based on the defined commands enumerator
Public methodAddContextMenuTCmdEnum
Add context menu based on the defined commands enumerator
Public methodCreateDocumentsHandler
Creates generic documents handler which exposes lifecycle events
Public methodCreateDocumentsHandlerTDocHandler
Creates document life cycle hander model
Public methodCreateTaskPaneTControl(TControl)
Creates task pane control
Public methodCreateTaskPaneTControl, TCmdEnum(ActionTCmdEnum, TControl)
Creates task pane control
Public methodOnConnect
Overload to initialize the data. This method is called from ConnectToSW(Object, Int32) method when the add-in loads
Public methodOnDisconnect
Called on disposing of the add-in (either when SOLIDWORKS application closes or when add-in is explicitly unloaded by the user from the AddIns Manager dialog)
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