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AutoRegisterAttribute Class

Automatically adds the information about the add-in into the registry
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn.Attributes
Assembly:  CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn (in CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn.dll) Version: (
public class AutoRegisterAttribute : Attribute

The AutoRegisterAttribute type exposes the following members.

Public methodAutoRegisterAttribute
Constructor for adding the parameters for add-in registration
The registration is triggered when the add-in is registered as COM assembly using the regasm utility. If Title or Description are not specified (empty string) than title and description will be read from SwAddinAttribute. If this attribute is not specified than title will be assigned from the DisplayNameAttribute and description will be assined from DescriptionAttribute
Add-in title specified via AutoRegisterAttribute
[Guid("GUID"), ComVisible(true)]
[AutoRegister("Sample AddInEx", "Sample AddInEx", true)]
public class SwSampleAddIn : SwAddInEx { }
Add-in title specified via SwAddinAttribute
[Guid("GUID"), ComVisible(true)]
[SwAddin(Title = "Sample AddInEx", Description = "Sample AddInEx", LoadAtStartup = true)]
public class SwSampleAddIn : SwAddInEx { }
Add-in title specified via DisplayNameAttribute and DescriptionAttribute
[Guid("GUID"), ComVisible(true)]
[DisplayName("Sample AddInEx")]
[Description("Sample AddInEx")]
public class SwSampleAddIn : SwAddInEx { }
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