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CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn.Enums Namespace

Collection of enumerators for SwEx library
Public enumerationAccess3rdPartyDataState_e
Types of the access to the 3rd party data storage
Public enumerationCommandItemEnableState_e
Enumerates the possible states of the command (toolbar button or menu item) in SOLIDWORKS
Public enumerationConfigurationChangeState_e
States of configuration or sheet changes
Public enumerationCustomPropertyChangeAction_e
Type of the modification action on custom properties
Public enumerationItemModificationAction_e
Type of the modification action of the item
Public enumerationRebuildState_e
State of the rebuild operation
Public enumerationSaveState_e
Stage of saving the document
Public enumerationSelectionState_e
State of the object selection
Public enumerationswWorkspaceTypes_e
Provides the enumeration of various workspaces in SOLIDWORKS