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SwAddInExAddContextMenuTCmdEnum Method

Add context menu based on the defined commands enumerator

Namespace:  CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn
Assembly:  CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn (in CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn.dll) Version: (
public CommandGroup AddContextMenu<TCmdEnum>(
	Action<TCmdEnum> callback,
	swSelectType_e contextMenuSelectType = swSelectType_e.swSelEVERYTHING,
	EnableMethodDelegate<TCmdEnum> enable = null
where TCmdEnum : IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


Type: SystemActionTCmdEnum
Callback function for the commands
contextMenuSelectType (Optional)
Type: swSelectType_e
Selection type where the menu is enabled as defined in swSelectType_e
enable (Optional)
Type: CodeStack.SwEx.AddIn.DelegatesEnableMethodDelegateTCmdEnum
Optional enable method for the commands. If this method is not used than command will be enabled according to the workspace defined in the SupportedWorkspaces for this command

Type Parameters

Enumerator with commands

Return Value

Type: CommandGroup
Newly created CommandGroup


ISwAddInExAddContextMenuTCmdEnum(ActionTCmdEnum, swSelectType_e, EnableMethodDelegateTCmdEnum)
It is only possible to specify single selection group for the context menu. If it is required to enable the menu for multiple selection elements use swSelEVERYTHING option and enable parameter to specify the enable function
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